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FastEV – Access Future Biomarkers

EVs Are Biomarker Discovery Gold

Extracellular Vesicles (EV) are nano-sized particles generated by cells. EVs carry a diverse cargo including RNA and DNA, proteins, lipids, and metabolites. EVs also interact with other cargo carriers in biological samples. In addition to revealing the cellular source, this cargo and interactome provides a rich source for biomarkers providing information of organs, tissues, and biological processes.

Access EVs with FastEV

EVs are keys to novel diagnostics, precision therapies, and other applications in areas such as foods and cosmetics. In accessing EVs for analyses, several methods are currently used with varying results.

FastEV has specifically been developed as a platform for biomarker discovery from extended EVome. It is the first and only platform that can quickly find an optimal method for accessing the relevant part of EVome in each individual study. It outcompetes rivalling techniques by excelling in simplicity, affordability, scalability, tunability and comprehensiveness.

FastEV yields chemically fractionated subpopulations of EVs and interactome from plasma in a high-throughput process. It is suitable for multi-well plate format as well as automated liquid handling.


FastEV originates from the EV research at the University of Helsinki, Finland, where Dr. Pia Siljander and Dr. Maija Puhka also founded the world’s first research laboratory infrastructure dedicated to EVs in  2016  – the EV Core (Extracellular Vesicle Core Facility).

We are looking for partners for technology evaluation, joint R&D, and commercialization of FastEV. We welcome collaborations with life science academics, diagnostic and therapeutic innovators, developers of powerful downstream technologies and data analysis, and interested actors in the biomedical industry.

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