Fast Access to Future Biomarkers

Extracellular vesicles (EV) and the extended EVome are a potential gold mine of biomarkers. However, the isolation of EVs is typically a slow manual process, various isolation technologies produce heterogeneous outputs – finding a suitable method by testing them one by one requires a lot of resources. FastEV has been developed to make all this much easier.
FastEV covers a wide range of chemical conditions to fractionate information carriers within plasma. It produces an array of different outputs in terms of EVome: EV purity (presence of molecular corona and other biomolecular information carriers), EV yields and molecular contents, such as small RNA subtypes. The outputs are amenable to a wide selection of molecular content analysis, including smallRNAseq, RNAseq, EVArray, Lectin array, and flow cytometry.
FastEV can be applied in high-throughput 96-well plate format. Isolates can be obtained in less than one hour. FastEV can be applied to quickly test what is the best condition to separate cases from controls or to enrich preknown targets – thereby, it greatly cuts down the cost, time and resources required to find the optimal method for each specific case. The optimal FastEV condition can be used easily for thousands of samples allowing high impact biomarker discovery studies.

If you want to know FastEV more in-depth, take a look at the Scientific introduction.