FastEV & Implications for research in health and disease

The results from the initial testing of the FastEV platform suggest that it can enrich circulating molecules and pathways with previously implicated roles in health and the pathogenesis of several diseases. In support, EVs have been associated to a vast array of immunological disorders, neurological diseases, mitochondria-associated diseases and cancer.

Here, we list some examples of potential application areas for the use of FastEV in biomarker discovery:

Immunological disorders and conditions

  • Disorders of blood cells including red (CD235+) and white (CD45+) blood cells, endothelium (CD31+) and platelets (CD41+)
  • See FastEV & EVArray for results of blood cell protein markers and uniquely upregulated platelet-associated GO terms and Jensen compartments in FastEV & mRNA comparisons
  • Autoimmune diseases and graft rejection, see e.g. FastEV & Integrations for IL-15 pathway
Image source: 123rf and University of Helsinki

Neurological diseases

  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, COVID-associated neurological problems
  • FastEV detects L1CAM, MAPT (TAU), APP, NRGN, SYP and many other transcripts important for neuronal functions
  • See FastEV & mRNA comparisons for enrichments of neural Gene Ontologies and FastEV & Integrations for e.g. CREB signalling in neurons


Mitochondria-associated diseases

  • Diabetes, mitochondrial myopathy, cardiovascular ischemia, neuropathies, encephalopathies, neurodegenerative diseases
  • See uniquely upregulated mitochondria-associated GO terms and Jensen compartments in FastEV & mRNA comparisons and FastEV & Integrations for differential enrichment of mitochondrial miRNA-mRNA networks and e.g. diabetes and oxidative stress pathways



Image source: 123rf and University of Helsinki
Image source: 123rf and University of Helsinki


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